Coatesville Community Fibre Initiative

Key Questions

Our Goal $300,000 $180,100

What are we trying to achieve?

Ensure our community can access Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) by getting the Coatesville included in the UFB Stage 2 fibre rollout that Chorus and the Government are currently undertaking.
After years of campaigning, Chorus and the Government have offered to extend the UFB2 programme to include a substantial portion of our community - see below for details of the Coatesville Fibre Zone or “CFZ”.  However this offer is conditional on the community raising $300,000 towards the cost of deploying fibre to the streets in this zone and we need to do so quickly. 
While we’d obviously have preferred the CFZ to cover all of Coatesville, the Government has advised there is insufficient funding to achieve this currently.

Why should I support this?

The CRRA firmly believes this to be an all of Coatesville community initiative.  Bringing Fibre to the Coatesville community will be beneficial for all.  The advantages of UFB are undeniable and we have a limited window of opportunity to make this happen. If we miss out now, UFB will not be available in Coatesville for many years.
For those households not within the Coatesville Fibre Zone, please view this is as phase 1 of what we hope to be a broader fibre deployment in years to come.  The CRRA will certainly continue to campaign for this but it has been made very clear to us that this offer is a critical first step and necessarily confined to the CFZ for budgetary reasons.
If we fail to raise the funding and achieve this initial fibre roll-out now, then UFB will not be available in Coatesville for many years.
See below for more information about the benefits of Fibre.

How will fibre be rolled-out to Coatesville?

There are two phases: Phase 1 will see UFB infrastructure deployed by Chorus along streets in the Coatesville Fibre Zone. Phase 2 will involve getting individual houses and local businesses hooked up to fibre broadband services.
Right now, we are urgently focused on Phase 1.


What do we need from you right now?

As a community, we need to raise $300,000 ASAP.
To achieve this we are asking each household in the Coatesville Fibre Zone to contribute a minimum of $750 and for local businesses to make larger contributions where possible.
The CRRA needs to collect these funds from you ASAP in order to sign a binding fibre build agreement with Chorus and expedite fibre deployment in our community.  The Government and Chorus have challenged the CRRA and Coatesville community to achieve this by the end of August 2020.

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Do I need to pay more once Phase 1 is complete?

There is no further payment obligation on households or businesses once Phase 1 is complete.
Phase 1 ensures relevant households and businesses will have the opportunity to order fibre services and complete their individual fibre installations when desired.  You are not obligated to sign up for UFB.
In Phase 2 you will engage with your chosen UFB retailer to arrange delivery of Fibre from the road to your home.  This process will trigger Chorus installation technicians working closely with you to arrange the optimal fibre connection to your home or business. 
We have been advised by Chorus that:

  • Each household is entitled to a free standard installation of up to 200m from the road.
  • Shared drives with multiple dwellings can pool their 200m allocations (e.g. 4 homes = 800m free)
  • If that’s still not enough, then there are numerous ways to reduce the cost of any additional fibre runs, such as arranging your own trenching.
  • Their technicians will work with you (and your neighbours in the case of private roads and ROWs) to achieve pragmatic and cost-effective fibre installations.

More Details / FAQ

Why Fibre?
Fibre is the “Gold Standard” of broadband. It delivers unrivaled speed, capacity and reliability.

Source: Commerce Commission

With Fibre you get:

  • Reliable Internet!  You will have a dedicated and reliable connection where everyone can do what they want, when they want, without interruption
  • Fast Internet!  You can have multiple devices all experiencing top speeds
  • Say goodbye to buffering!  Your download and upload speeds will be consistently high – no more buffering videos, stuttering video calls, or laggy connections.

For more details on the benefits of Fibre internet please see the weblinks below:


Why a minimum of $750 per household?

$750 is the minimum amount we have estimated each individual household needs to commit given the number of homes in the Coatesville Fibre Zone.
The more each household commits, the better chance to reach our goal in the timeframe required.
We hope that businesses and people with multiple sections or multiple dwellings will contribute more.
Please remember this is something that will benefit the Coatesville Community as a whole for many years to come.

What will happen to the money?

The CRRA will contact all parties who have pledged to arrange payment shortly.  The CRRA needs to collect the funds ASAP in order to sign the contract with Chorus, which will secure the fibre deployment for our Community.  
The CRRA is working with a lawyer to establish a trust account for the sole purpose of holding the funds until required by Chorus for the Coatesville fibre build project (approximately one month prior to build commencement).  
If we raise more than $300,000 then partial refunds will be applied in proportion to amounts contributed.
If we do not achieve the required funding and the project does not proceed, everyone will receive a full refund.

What is the Coatesville Fibre Zone or CFZ?

The Chorus and Government offer to deploy fibre in Coatesville applies specifically to the highlighted area shown in the map below.  According to GIS mapping undertaken by Chorus there are approximately 642 household and physical businesses within this area.

What if I’m a Coatesville resident but our home is not in the Coatesville Fibre Zone?

Please note that Chorus is reliant on significant Government UFB funding together with our own community funding to deliver fibre to the Coatesville Fibre Zone under Phase 1.  It has been made very clear to the CRRA that right now there is no additional Crown funding to support an expansion to other areas of Coatesville. 
If we succeed with our fundraising then through the Phase 1 fibre roll-out we will have established a foundation of UFB infrastructure in the area that we hope to leverage in the future to expand coverage to you and the rest of our community not covered in Phase 1.  Clearly that is dependent on more Government funding becoming available.  The CRRA certainly remains committed to working with Chorus and Government to deliver fibre to the rest of Coatesville in as soon as possible.
If we don’t succeed with this fundraising effort, then this will certainly delay any fibre rollout to the entire Coatesville community for many years.

Why I am being asked to pay for something some of the country gets for free?

Stage 2 of the Government’s UFB fibre rollout is currently underway. To date the key focus of the UFB programme has been urban or high density housing areas / new subdivisions. UFB2 is currently due to be completed by December 2022. 
Currently Coatesville is not on the UFB2 rollout plan. However, through extensive lobbying the Government and Chorus have temporarily earmarked significant funds to enable the Coatesville Fibre Zone to be added to the UFB2 rollout, subject to the community raising $300,000. If we do not take advantage of this, the Crown funding will be re-allocated and it will likely be many years before fibre is deployed in Coatesville.
Coatesville is rural / semi-rural with sparsely located homes.  Other relatively remote communities such as Piha that have received fibre services already have much denser housing within the community area.
As a community we have been complaining for years about our patchy mobile coverage and unreliable and slow/congested copper internet service.  This is only likely to get worse with a growing population, families and home businesses using more and more data hungry devices and streaming services and far more people working from home all providing pressure on old creaking copper infrastructure. We finally have the opportunity to improve this.
There has been a clear message from the Government that if we don’t take advantage of this opportunity it will be a long time before Coatesville gets UFB.  There is no further plan beyond Stage 2 for UFB rollout at this stage, so we will miss out.

What is the cost of final installation of fibre to our home or business?

Currently we are focused on Phase 1, which is raising the $300,000 to get the core fibre infrastructure in place.
Phase 1 will bring UFB to every road in the CFZ.
Once this is done, Phase 2 will commence and households will engage with UFB retailers for the final installation from the road to each house.
Chorus have advised that each household is entitled to a free standard installation of up to 200m.
If there is a right of way or private road, it will be possible for neighbors to pool their allocation of 200m, e.g. if there is a ROW with 4 dwellings at the end, the total standard allocation would be 4 x 200 = 800m.
For distances beyond this, Chorus have advised that they will take a pragmatic approach to achieve cost effective installations in order to ensure this rollout is a success. This includes options such as allowing a property owner to dig their own trenches and providing ducting at cost.

When will Fibre be available?

As discussed above, Phase 1 of this initiative is about getting Coatesville added to the Government and Chorus UFB2 fibre roll-out programme ASAP.  This is due to be completed by December 2022.  Based on our discussions with Chorus we are hopefully that the build can commence in the next 12-18 months (and possibly sooner) but that certainly depends on just how quickly we can raise the $300k community contribution.

Please support this fantastic opportunity for Coatesville!!